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Recommend roof racks for Ford

It is rather interesting to learn that as popular as Ford brand is, it came to a near collapse back in 2008 were in not for the Intervention of the US President Bush. Ford benefited enormously from the $13.4 billion given to the automobile makers as government loans and the $700 million allocated by Congress as a way of dealing with mortgage crisis at the time.
By 2009, Ford had witnessed increased sales which meant that in longer faced the risk of being declared bankrupt. At this time, Ford heavily focused stronger brand while implementing numerous cost-cutting incentives.

Surprisingly, Ford began by selling its Volvo brand to a Chinese company and later followed it up by discontinuing its Mercury brand production.
But to remain profitable, Ford opted to other untapped niches where it set forth to produce self-driven cars. The company, as of 2016, increased its production of electric-powered cars. With the public being used to Ford surprising moves, the company decided to phase out its passenger cars of 2018 choosing only to remain with the Ford Focus Active model and the Mustang Model.

Strategies for choosing the best roof rack for Ford
It is always recommended that users should always settle on a roof rack that is compatible with their car types. Many Ford cars have mounting requirements which make the process of settling for a given roof rack to be harder.

But to be safe, always ensure that you settle on a roof rack that is best suited for the items that you would be transporting. For instance, spare-tire racks, hitch racks, and truck racks would be ideal for transporting bikes. With many roof racks being versatile enough, individuals have the option of transporting different items on them.

Additionally, you should consider whether you want a type of roof rack that can be removed and mounted on another car or a permanent one. For instance, with spare-tire racks, individuals do have the option of installing them on another car.
   • Always be keen enough to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of roof rack before settling on one. Roof racks are good for carrying bikes. But the height of the car an easily make it hard to place gear on the roof to hold it into position.
   • Trunk racks are a cheaper option for carrying bikes on an occasional basis. But when the rack is installed, the trunk cannot be opened. With the straps holding the bikes in the position being vulnerable to external interferences, the bikes may end up being insecure.
   • Hitch racks are recommended for a family outing as it can hold up to five bikes. But their only downside is the fact that they end up blocking the path to the rear hatch.

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