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Recommended roof Racks for KIA

As of 2015, KIA was ranked as the second largest car manufacturer in South Korea only coming second to Hyundai Motor Company. Within that year, KIA had sold approximately 2.3 million cars. What is even more interesting about the relationship between KIA and Hyundai is the fact that Hyundai has a minority stake on KIA estimated to be around $6 billion. KIA, on the other hand, is a minority owner of Hyundai where it owns over 20 subsidiary companies if Hyundai estimated to be worth approximately $8.3 billion.

KIA majorly focuses on producing designer cars that will make their owners stand out. That is the main reason why the company moved to hire Toms Kerans as Chief designer back in 2005. One year later, Peter Schreyer was also hired to work alongside Mr. Kerans. The pair have lucrative career profiles where Mr. Kerans had previously worked with Cadillac as their chief designer with Schreyer working Volkswagen and Audi as their chief designer

So far, Mr. Schreyer has since proved his worth where he has been in charge of KIA design activities in some of KIA major operations sites such as in Tokyo and Los Angeles. With him in charge, KIA introduced the Tiger Nose brand that focused on visibility. As of today, KIA brands have been winning international car year awards from 2013 to 2018. Quite an achievement right?

Strategies for choosing the best roof racks for your KIA car
Users need to know that many aftermarket roof racks tend to come as individual pieces and not as a kit. With some accessories coming with their specific parts, users can only buy what they need. It is at this point that users should be looking for security features such as security cable pass-through, unique installation tools, and keyed clamp as a way of preventing potential cases of theft for your roof rack.

It is highly recommended to remove all non-factory racks and the crossbars whenever you are not in need of them. In many cases, an empty roof rack can easily damage the aerodynamics of your vehicle thus impacting on your fuel economy in the process. But if you are always transporting some items, then you need to be concerned with this aspect.

Users are also advised always to be careful when loading and offloading their roof racks, as roof racks tend to be very high. If you are not careful enough you can easily find yourself scratching the paint of your car or even smashing the window. Always use elbow grease when doing the loading and the unloading process. You will find the process to be very easy and entertaining at the same time.

With the NAPA online platform existing today, users can easily check out all the body parts and accessories that exist on the platform whenever they need to do maintenance or repair some malfunctioning parts.
If you still have any question on roof racks, you are kindly advised to seek expert assistance from your local NAPA AUTO PARTS shop.

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