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Recommended roof racks for Mercedes-Benz

Whenever you hear the word Mercedes-Benz, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is class and luxury. This is ideally true as the Mercedes brand is recognized for producing high-end cars, coaches, buses, and lorries.

With over 2.31 million passenger cars sold in 2018 alone, Mercedes-Benz was ranked as the biggest car brand in the world.
The car was the first car of its kind to be powered by gasoline. Since its inception, the company has been motivated by its slogan of “the best or nothing.”

The Mercedes brand is known for durability and quality among many other features. This is why o all the car brands in the world, Mercedes has the lowest car rate. That in itself speaks volume about the company’s commitment to quality.
Strategies for choosing the best roof rack for your Mercedes-Benz
   • Start by checking the weight: Always keep in mind that while strength is good for your car, heavy is not. Many racks available in the market are built out of steel which makes them heavy. But you can easily opt for a well-crafted, all-aluminum type of rack which will provide you with more strength and increased load capacity as it is 30% lighter than a steel roof rack.
   • Always go for the modular: If you have a modular type of rack, then you are assured of an easy assembly process. You can also very easily add rack slats to use for other activities. With this aspect in place, you can always change the rack according to your needs at the time.
   • Always check the accessory lineup: Always go for a roof rack you can use for many purposes. This can only be guaranteed by having a wide range of accessories incorporated into your rack.
   • Check for strength and durability: If you do not want to experience a rack failure in the middle of your trip always go for the type of rack that has been proven to withstand harsh conditions.
   • Low profile: With anything placed on the roof having a way of impacting your car’s fuel economy and noise, you can always go for a low-profile rack to mitigate such problems.
   • Product support: Always stick with companies that are known for their quality which will accord you with customer service that will assist you with your roof rack performance issues.
   • Always learn from the experts. Always learn something new from proven drivers who are driving the same model of your car. This is the case as experts will always know what works and what does not work.
   • Wide product range: Always opt for companies that produce different types of racks for different types of vehicles. This will provide you with numerous options ensuring that you will end up selecting the right type of rack for your car in the end.
   • Go for the metallic type of roof racks: Knowing that plastic roof racks increase the chance of failure for your roof rack, always go for metallic roof racks that will ensure you will end up getting value for your money. It is your money, right? Why not make sure it does not go to waste.

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