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Strategies for choosing the best roof racks for your MINI car

The first step is to figure out whether or not you even require a roof rack in the first place.
Advertisers today have crafted the trick of convincing buyers to buy things that they do not require. Do not fall a victim when it comes to your car.
You may easily find that even when you go camping, a lot of the things that you will require can be put in different parts of the car hence no need for a roof rack.

If you have decided that you need a roof rack, the next step is knowing how to mount it on your car. You may have a specific design that you want for your car only to find out that it is not compatible with your car.
You need to get acquainted with the gutter mount system where they would be a metal stroke sliding down the sides of your which will help also your rack to hold to. Newer cars have roof rails that go a long way into providing a compact mounting point for a roof rack or crossbars.
The next key thing you need to be aware of is what type of materials are used in making your roof rack. Manufacturers today have the habit of making staffs strong enough and being as light as possible to do the job.

This is the main reason why manufacturers would have loved to use steel (which is heavy) but still be able to produce lighter products. Many manufacturers opt always opt for the use of aluminum as it produces stronger roof racks that are of the required light aspect.
Understanding that your car can only carry weight up to a certain level, determine that weight and decided with roof rack will be best suited for your car.
The next step involves figuring out the style of the rack to be used on your car.

There exists many roof rack design out there. Some have open designs which mean that you can use them to carry heavier objects while other ends up acting as baskets which can be used for holding smaller items.
The last and most important step is knowing the items that you can put on your roof rack. Many cars tend to have a roof carrying capacity of between 100kg -200kg. Keeping in mind that even a completely empty roof rack can still take up to 50kg of the weight, it becomes important to put things that would minimize the weight on the roof.

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