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Recommended roof racks for Subaru

Subaru is a popular brand where it was ranked as the twenty-second largest brand in the whole world back in 2012.
Unlike many popular brands, it is Subaru symmetrical all-wheel-drive that makes them stand out. For vehicles that have an engine capacity of 1500cc, Subaru’s boxer engine also stands out. But while the use of the all-wheel-drive tires and the boxer engine were used for a better part of the last four decades, BZR was introduced in 2012 where it ended up coughing the admiration of many.

The BZR technically still uses the boxer engine model but only uses rear-wheel-drive this time around.
Many car buyers from western markets always opt for the Subaru model for their uniqueness that makes them stand out.
Strategies for choosing the best roof racks for your Subaru car
You must, first of all, start by checking whether your Subaru car is compatible with the roof rack you want to buy.

Subaru’s different designs influence the type of roof rack that one may opt for. For instance, if your car has side rails then the right type of rack will be that can easily be installed using the side rails as the base to hold the roof rack. For cars that do not have side rails, one has the option of installing a roof rack directly on to the roof.

Always consult with your manufacturer’s handbook to ascertain if your car is compatible with a certain roof rack or not. The handbook will always have all the information that you may need.
You also have the option of choosing the crossbar that is ideal for your car. In as far as roof rack crossbars are concerned, you have two options: aluminum and steel crossbars.

Aluminum crossbars are ideal for people who are in need of fuel-efficient and light-weight crossbars. They are also very durable which means that they have a longer lifespan. The only demerit to this option is the fact that aluminum crossbars tend to be very expensive.

The steel crossbar, on the other hand, is designed for cars that transport heavy materials. To keep them rust free, an additional layer of plastic is always coated on top. Steel is also readily available which means they are cheap. The only limitation when it comes to their use is the fact that steel crossbars tend to be heavy thus will incur a drag when driving your car.
But to be sure on which type of crossbar is right for your car, always consult with your car’s manufacturer handbook. This is highly recommended as it will ensure that you end up selecting the right type of crossbar that is compatible with your vehicle.

But if you need further information or have questions, always feel free to consult with our Motherload Roof racks experts. Our team of professionals will always help you with any information that you may require.

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