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Recommended roof racks for Toyota

Toyota traces its humble origin all the back in 1933 under the management of the Kiichiro Toyota. Japan was in need of its own domestically produced cars and Toyoda was up to the challenge. By 1935, the first model was out in the form of Model I1 passenger car. It was soon followed by the GI model the same year.

Interesting enough, the company ended up being profitable, but it is up to the year 1982 that the company adopted its current name of Toyota after Toyota Motor sales company and Toyota Motor Company merged.
Toyota had to wait for three more years to start producing cars in the United States.

But it is the 21st century that the company witnessed real growth through their reliance of sticking with innovations. The company entered new markets without fear where many of their models were quickly accepted by the consumers.

But the 2008 financial crisis almost derailed the company where the company faced serious financial challenges at the time. But by 2010, the company was back to its foot. As of today, Toyota is the leading brand in most countries all over the globe.
Strategies for choosing the best roof racks for your Toyota car
• Versatility: Always look for a roof rack that will guarantee you versatility in all seasons. Low-quality materials are easy to detect, and you can know quality materials simply by checking for the same in product review sections.
• Lockable mounts: Ensure you have well-functioning lockable mounts that will increase your car’s safety aspect as well as other cars on the road.
• Noise: No driver would love the idea of experiencing rattling sound on top of his/car while driving. As such, always go for high-quality racks that would guarantee you minimal or no noise at all.
• Adjustability: Depending on the reason why you want a roof rack in the first place, the type of roof rack that you will buy will be tied to that reason. Some people would want a roof rack for camping activities, and there are those who would want a roof rack for their sports activities. But regardless of the reason, always opt for a raised roof rack as it would always allow you to adjust the bars ensuring that anything you want to carry can easily be transported.
• Ease of installation: I can imagine that no one would love to have an installation process of anything that is hard and complicated. As such, always opt for a roof rack that comes with much ease of installation. This is why we recommend going for raised roof racks as they do not need the use of fitting kits which means that you can easily do the installation process on your own. The key is just following the instructions.
• Accessories: Users are advised to always go for roof racks that come with added accessories that make the roof racks to be more useful. One such accessory is that of a light bracket that allows provides light during the night allowing you to move your cargo with much ease at night.

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