If you travel on a highway frequently, you will notice that there are many vehicles having a roof rack. Roof racks- empty or loaded affect your cat’s performance considerably. Most of the people go on a vacation and carry essential stuff like kid’s bike and other things while some move from one place to other and carry different things like bikes and kayaks but the majority of roof racks are empty. Aerodynamics matters a lot when you are driving on a highway. For some of our audience who is not familiar with the term aerodynamic, let me explain that the more slippery your vehicle gets through the air, the less your engine has to make an effort to keep your vehicle moving.

We know that a roof rack affects your car’s performance but let us see now what kind of effect it has on gas mileage? A roof rack will ultimately increase the drag on the car. When you drive with a roof rack, you will observe that your fuel mileage is less. So, it is advised to avoid installing a roof rack if you want a good fuel mileage and if you really need one then consider an easily removable one so you can remove when you don’t need it.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is torque settings. A properly installed roof rack on your car will give years of trouble free services and prevent damaging your car. An over-torqued or under-torqued setting can damage our car. Your car’s manual always have a section mentioning the maximum weight it can carry, it is advised to do not overload the roof rack. Exposed to the elements, a roof rack may get corroded after a specific period of time so lube up. A little bit of copper grease can prevent the corrosion.

Purchase a roof rack with a proper lock system. When carrying bikes and kayaks of thousands, lock systems is must and also attach the keys to your car key ring so that you never misplace or forget it. Seek some help while loading heavy items on your roof rack so that it doesn’t get scratched.

Don’t try to do everything on your own and seek someone’s helping hand. You can tie the stuff not only with the roof rack but also with the car front and back. It is suggested not to drive at a high speed but with an average speed with a roof rack especially on a highway. Majority of the roof rack accessories like roof boxes come with an instruction manual about the speed limit and other stuff. Make sure you read the given instructions carefully and abide by them.

If you don’t need a roof rack just remove it because, yes, it affects your car’s performance with fuel and mileage but on the other hand roof racks are useful as well. Consider all the important things when you are buying a roof rack so that you don’t get troubled every time you use it.